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How to transfer your articy:draft license
in 3 easy steps

Changing workstations? We’ll show you how to move your articy:draft license to the new one.

articy:draft 3 FREE importer for Unreal

Get your content from articy:draft3 directly into Unreal Engine

Articy:Draft 3 now available in French and Ukrainian

Brand new languages update – 🇫🇷 French and 🇺🇦 Ukrainian.

Helping interactive storytellers stay productive

Articy Software is offering temporary upgrades to support game writers and narrative designers in response to Coronavirus

articy draft 3 FREE importer for unity

Get your content from articy:draft3 directly into unity with the unity importer

Articy:Draft 3 now available in Portuguese – Brazil

Brand new language update – Portuguese – Brazil.

Articy:Draft 3 is now available in Chinese

Brand new update featuring a new language.

articy:draft 3 releases “Design My Next Game” feature!

With our newly released feature, our software intelligently knows what your next game will be based on your saved projects within articy:draft 3.

Personal online training session

Every project is different and articy:drart 3 is designed to offer enough flexibility to tailor to the specific needs of each project. But how does one go about finding the best way to get the most out of our tool?

articy:draft 3 importer plugin for Unreal Engine 4 now available on GitHub

If you are a user of both articy:draft 3 and Unreal Engine 4 you might have waited for this for some time: the articy importer for UE4!

Get articy:draft 3 in the Steam Summer Sale!

It’s that time of the year again: sun, summer, sales!

Plugin Spotlight – Voice Over Helper

We are proud to present our newest plugin, the Voice Over Helper.

articy:draft 3.1 has landed!

The new version comes with a lot of improvements and bug fixes, including an improved .JSON export and a new version of the Unity integration plugin.

Projects #madewitharticy – Customer Showreel

We are very happy and proud to present our new showreel trailer.

Plugin Spotlight 3 – Apply Template Color

This week’s Plugin Spotlight features the Apply Template Color plugin, which allows you to set the current object color to the template default color.

Plugin Spotlight 2 – Auto-Assign Template Plugin

This week’s video features the Auto-Assign Template Plugin, which allows to automatically assign templates to some object types when they are newly created for the first time.

The ‘Plugin Spotlight’ – a new video series for articy:draft 3 users

One of the new features introduced with articy:draft 3 is the Macro Devkit, allowing you to create your own macro plugins.

Handle complexity effectively

We’re always thrilled and excited to see what complexities our users handle hassle-free with articy:draft.

articy:draft 3 – Discounts & New Trailer

Watch our new articy:draft 3 trailer!

articy:draft 3 – All New Features

See what’s new in articy:draft 3.

articy:draft 3 Official Release Date

Finally articy:draft 3 has an official release date!