Link objects

Links are used to position other articy:draft objects like flow fragments, dialogues or entities inside of locations. In addition they can be used to connect different locations with each other.

How to create links

There are two ways to create a new link:
  • Simply drag & drop an object you want to position onto the Location and a new link to this object will be created at the drop position.
  • 2) Click on create new link () in the toolbar to position an empty link on your location. In the property sheet of this link you can define the link's target afterwards.
In the link's property sheet you can also change a link's target (right-click on the reference field), add a description text or edit its X/Y coordinates.

To quickly jump from the location to a link's target, simply double-click the link. With CTRL + double-click the link's target will be opened in a new tab.

Link styles and sizes

You can choose between three styles 1 (preview image, icon only, or minimal) and three different sizes 2 for links. To change the visual appearance of a link, select it and use the options within the selection toolbar.

You can change the defaults for style and size within the project settings and the settings-tab of the location's property sheet.