Importing / managing assets

Before being able to use assets you first have to import them into your articy:draft project. Navigate to the asset section, choose an appropriate folder and click on import asset(s) 1 in the toolbar to select the files you want to import from your hard drive.

After the import is finished the assets can be used throughout the whole project - by you or your co-workers, if you're using the multi-user version. Imported assets can be opened to view them in full-scale in their default viewer. They can also be opened directly in their corresponding editing program (e.g. Paint or Photoshop for images) via the toolbar or the right-click context menu.

Please note that you have to update an asset's thumbnail after editing to see the changes inside of articy:draft.

If you edit an asset's original source file (from where you imported it originally) this won't affect the imported asset inside of articy:draft. If you want to get those changes into your project, select the asset and click on re-import asset(s). This triggers a new import from the original source file. Note that a re-import overwrites the former imported version of the asset.
To quickly get to the location where articy:draft stores a specific asset, select the asset and click on "open containing folder".

Asset controls

CTRL + I or
Import assets (only available on asset folders)

F2 Rename current object

F3 or
View selected asset (in external viewer)

F4 or
Edit selected asset (in external editor)

SHIFT + F5or
Re-import asset from original source (if available)

Re-imports the asset from a new original source that can be specified

F5 or
Update asset thumbnail