"Jump-Based Conversation" - What's this?

Jump-based conversation is the primary mode of conversation flow control available in articy:draft. Jumps allow the conversation state to be moved to any arbitrary point within the flow network regardless of the destination point's container or position. When used in combination with other flow elements, jumps provide a powerful suite of control options for your dialogue tree navigation.

Anatomy of a jump object

A jump object contains only two features: a target selection box on the right 1 to control the jump's destination, and a pin on the left 2 to allow elements within the flow network to connect to the jump.

The Target Selection Box

There are two ways to select a target for the jump. First, by right-clicking on the target selection box 3 and selecting "Choose target..." from the pop-up menu 4, a list will appear that contains all possible valid destinations. Second, by simply dragging the desired destination into the target selection box directly from anywhere of the project, a destination can be selected without having to traverse a menu.


The jump object, like all flow objects, must be connected to another object to be part of the flow network. Unlike most objects, however, jumps only have open input pins, since the purpose of a jump is to redirect the flow to an unconnected location. While pins and connections are covered in much greater detail in their own help topic, it is worth noting here that jump objects can receive connections from any other flow object regardless of type as long as that object has output pins.