Server information

License registration

In the upper half of the server information page you can view the details of your articy:server's license. When you have just installed articy:server for the first time, your license information screen will most likely look like this:

Before users are able to login into the articy:server, the license key that was provided by Articy sales department needs to be registered. In order to do so, click on the "Register..." button. A dialog box opens that allows you pasting your license key into it. This key always starts with an "B".

License information

Once your articy:server license was registered successfully, your server information tab will look like this:

Two new buttons have replaced the "Register..." button:
  • Refresh: When your overall articy:server license details change (e.g. buying additional seats), this change is automatically transferred from the license server to your articy:server. However, since this license check is just done once every 2 hours, you might want to make this process happen instantly: Just click this button.
  • Unregister: Sometimes you might want to move your articy:server license to another server computer. Before you are able to register your license on the new machine, you need to unbind the license from the current machine in the first place. In order to do this, click this button. This will make your articy:server license available for being registered anew.
    If you should be unable to unregister your license for any reason, just contact support@articy.com and we will reset your articy:server license. After this is done you can register the license again on your new machine.

Server information

This area displays some useful information about your articy:server installation like product version or database path.

Please keep in mind, that this information is not about the articy:draft installation you are currently using to access the articy:server administration. It just refers to the articy:server installation on the computer you have connected to.

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