This screen lists all projects that have been created on or imported into this server. Creating new projects or importing projects needs to be performed from the projects page of the regular articy:draft client. Please consult Creating new projects for more details.

Deactivate project

When a project is selected in the list, the "Deactivate" button becomes enabled. Deactivating a project keeps users from opening this particular project. Users currently working with this project are forced into offline mode. A deactivated project is not listed on the startup-screen's project page and therefore can not be selected or double-clicked for being loaded.

Reactivate project

In case a deactivated project is of concern to the development team again, the serveradmin may reactivate it, thus making the project available in the projects page again.

Delete project

This action completely purges the selected project from the server. Only deactivated projects can be deleted. Once deleted, a project can not be restored! So it might be better to keep a project deactivated instead of completely deleting it.

Project staff

This opens a separate dialog that allows the serveradmin to assign users to the selected project. Only active users may be selected and assigned. See Assign users to projects for more details.

Read about the users page.