What's new?

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articy:draft X - Version 4.0.0

Localization and Voice-Over support

Localization is by far the most requested feature from users across all our versions. Much-needed toolsets such as Project Languages, Localization state management, Automatic Translation with DeepL, Spelling Dictionaries, Localization export and import, Localization report, and the brand new dedicated Localization View are there to help you get your content localized either directly in-app or externally using the import-export function.
The added Voice-Over support will make it easy to manage, localize and play voice-over files directly in articy:draft and of course match localized voice-over files with their corresponding localized texts.
When all narrative content is in one place it becomes much easier to manage project languages, provide context, match text with voice-over, track progress, export and import new or changed content to articy:draft and finally to the game engine.
Learn how to do all that in the Localization section.

Simulation Mode improvements

Following the addition of new languages and localized texts and voice-over, we wanted to make sure that you can take your story out for a spin in any language you choose to add to your project. The Simulation Mode now supports switching languages and automatic playback of attached voice-over sound files.

AI Extensions

The new AI Extensions allow you the ability to access third party AI services in order to save time and use them directly within articy:draft X. With the use of third party AI services you get access to AI assisted barks, dialogues, and preview images.
If AI is not your thing, you can choose to disable the AI Extensions plugin altogether. For companies who decide not to use it, the server administrator in Multi User environments has the option to disable and also restrict access to the AI Extensions for all user accounts.
For additional information and instructions on how to set up and use the AI Extensions, please refer to the AI Extensions section. Should you have questions or concerns related to the use of your data in relation to the AI Extentions please refer to the dedicated section in our FAQ page.

Generic Engine Export

This new export is a good starting point to collect content created in articy:draft X for your own engine, open-source engines, like Godot, for example or any other engine that handles JSON data.

MDK Enhancements

The ability to write plugins which integrate and extend the functionality of articy:draft X now includes the possibility to add custom Imports & Exports with their own configuration UI directly into the Export-Dialog & Import Wizard; existing localization export and import plugin source code available to modify and recompile; and access to Multi-Language Texts.

Advanced configuration

Customize different starting parameters to your preferences and workflow through the articy configuration file.