Migrate to articy:draft X

You are currently working with an older version of articy:draft and now you are considering upgrading to articy:draft X?

Now here is what you need to do:

Updating your single-user projects SINGLE-USER

You have to update your projects when an articy:draft version update contains a change in the project file format.

WARNING: Updated projects can no longer be opened with older versions of articy:draft.

  • Step 1: Update your articy:draft version.
    Download and run the current version of the articy:draft installer. This will install the new version beside your older version of articy:draft.

  • Step 2: Open and save the projects you want to update.
    A project will automatically be updated when you open it in the new version of articy:draft. Save the updated project now. It will be saved in the new file format.

Updating your articy:server and its projects MULTI-USER

If you want to update to a new version of articy:server, please follow these steps:

  • IMPORTANT! Step 1: Make sure all users have published their changes and unclaimed their partitions
    The following update steps require the project to be opened "exclusively" by a project admin. This can only be done when no other user has claimed a partition. Please make sure all users have published and unclaimed their partitions.

  • Step 2: Communicate a "maintenance period" to your team members
    To prevent your team mates from claiming partitions while you update the project, please tell everybody in your team to refrain from working with articy:draft until the project update is done.

  • Step 3: Update articy:server
    Download and run the current version of the articy:server installer on the server machine. This will automatically update your existing installation of the articy:server. (The service will be shut down, the executable will be updated and the service restarted.)

  • Step 4: Update one project admin's client for project update
    Download and run the current version of the articy:draft installer on a project admin's machine. This will installal the new version side-by-side to your old one. You may uninstall your old version. The project admin is now in charge of updating projects where they have admin rights.

  • Step 5: Let the project admin update the project
    The project admin can now open a project that needs to be updated. Right-click on the entry in the project selector and click "Open in exclusive mode". The project will now automatically be updated during opening. Close the project again and confirm all messages.

  • Step 6: Update all other clients
    Since the project is now inaccessible for out-of-date clients, run the installer on all other client's machines.

Upgrading to articy:draft X:
When upgrading from articy:draft 1.x, 2.x, or 3.x to articy:draft X, make sure you have received the confirmation email from Articy, that your license has actually been upgraded to version X.

WARNING: Once the articy:server has been updated, you cannot open the projects on this server with older versions of articy:draft any longer. So keep in mind that there is no way back!

Need help?

Please email us at support@articy.com, we'll be happy to assist.