Recent changes

Version 4.0.5 Released: 2024-05-02

Version 4.0.4 Released: 2024-02-07

Version 4.0.3 Released: 2024-01-22

Version 4.0.2 internal

Version 4.0.1 internal

Version 4.0.0 Released: 2023-11-28

articy:draft X requires a 64 Bit OS. 32 Bit version is no longer available.

articy:draft X - Version

Released: 2024-05-02

We recommend this version especially for users that use Perforce as Source-Control system, because this update will speed up working on bigger projects or slower connections.

articy:draft - General

  • Fixed: Closing the app or Alt+Tabbing while there is an empty variable name caused spamming of error dialogs.
  • Fixed: Disabling the voice-over playback in the Simulation-Mode on journeys and journey points did no work as expected.
  • Fixed: Project does not load with an incomplete custom language.

articy:draft - Multi-User

  • Improved: Removed some restrictions from Perforce Source-Control integration that reduces the amount of data transferred, and therefore speed up opening the project and claiming partitions.
  • Fixed: Crash when changing the localizable objects and properties settings in the Project Settings, while the partition is not claimed.

articy:draft - Engine exports

  • Fixed: The display name of the languages were empty and could not properly be used for displaying.

articy:draft - MDK / API

  • Fixed: For template properties the GetReferenceMenuEntries callback was not called.
  • Fixed: Localizable Text properties did not store properly under certain situations.

articy:draft X - AI Extension plugin

  • Added: Clearing an object based setting stopped the AI window from reopening.
  • Added: Generated Text content not showing up in engine export.

articy:draft X - Version

Released: 2024-03-07

articy:draft X - General

  • Fixed: Fixed an output file access issue for engine exports after an aborted previous export.
  • Fixed: Fixed an file access issue when importing new audio assets for ones that have been played previously.
  • Fixed: Fixed a duplicate type naming in XSD file for XML export.
  • Fixed: Fixed failing XML export after a previously used langauge as deleted.
  • Added: Added command-line switch -nav.OpenFlowContainer that opens flow containers like FlowFragment or Dialogue on click instead of centering and selecting those objects within it's parent container. The other selection mode is still present when holding Ctrl while clicking.

articy:draft X - Localization Import/Export plugin

  • Added: Exports now also add the objects technical name as additional column.
  • Changed: The "Cancel" of the conflict resolution window now cancels the whole import.
  • Changed: Some smaller UI changes for the conflict resolution window. (e.g. wider dropdown for resolutions to be able to read all text.)
  • Fixed: When using the keyboard to choose the conflict resolution that value was not properly propagated and entry remains in 'skip' state when finishing.

articy:draft X - Version

Released: 2024-01-22

articy:draft X - General

  • Improved: Medium and Large template properties are now added with localization enabled.
  • Fixed: Medium and Large template property default values were treated as single-line.
  • Fixed: Fixed missing border when keyboard navigation is used in localization sheet.
  • Fixed: Langauge selector in search tab defaulted to last language instead of the "all" entry.
  • Fixed: XML export removed new lines for localized template texts.
  • Fixed: Fixed an issue for some articy:draft 3 projects that failed to convert to articy:draft X.

articy:draft X - Multi-User

  • Fixed: Fixed a missing claiming check that might lead to a crash when using multi-user.
  • Fixed: When a source control system (SVN/Perforce) was not using a stored password the system password dialog could not be opened.

articy:draft X FREE

  • Improved: Increased FREE version Asset limit to 140. So now 700 objects are included.

articy:draft X - Localization Import/Export plugin

We have seen XLSX files created from Office Libre that sometimes created bad data when reading. We are investigating this and highly recommend to use MS Office to save those files.

  • Fixed: Conclict windows did not show the right flag icons for the used languages.
  • Fixed: Added word wrapping to conflict window entries.
  • Fixed: Some texts in the conflict window were not properly localized.
  • Added: Added additional check that all required languages are still present when starting the import.
  • Added: Newlines from Excel and project are now normalized to not create unexpected conflicts.
  • Fixed: Fixed a regex bug where the ISO name could not be retieved on import for languages that have a display name which contains parenthesis.

articy:draft X - Version

Released: 2023-11-28

articy:draft X - Localization

  • Added: Manage project languages.
  • Added: Automatic download of spelling dictionaries for any project language (when available).
  • Added: Manage which object properties are text localizable and which are voice-over relevant.
  • Added: Almost all previous text properties are now localizable and can be voice-over.
  • Added: New view to manage your localized texts.
    • Listen to voice-over files directly from articy:draft (when filetype is supported mp3, wav).
    • Add remarks to any localizable property for localization studios, voice-over artists etc..
  • Added: Localization state management, mark properties final or outdated depending on the localization state.
  • Added: Automatic localization state update, changing the reference property text, will mark any other language text outdated.
  • Added: DeepL supported translation of single, multiple or all properties into your project language.
  • Added: Simulation mode supports switching language and automatic playback of attached voice-over sound files.
  • Added: New conflict search verifiers related to localization.
    • Find missing localization entries.
  • Added: New localization based exports into excel.
    • Utilizing the new reporting MDK framework.
    • For text localization and voice-over.
    • Import changed files back into articy.
    • Create statistics report of used characters, words, lines for localization and VO split up per speaking character.

articy:draft X - Miscellaneous

  • Added: Library: Filter now supports filename and filetype for assets.
  • Added: Flow: Shortcut to create followup DialogueFragment with alternating speaker. Shift + Ctrl + 1.
  • Added: Project browser: Alt + Click will maintain the view if possible.
  • Added: Template design: Tooltip now shows the type of the origin, to make it possible to distinguish between feature and template, if both are named the same.
  • Added: Roundtrip export: CreateTemplate moved now to export dialog and needs -export.roundtrip.createtemplate.
  • Added: Conflict Search: Alt + Click disables all others, enables the one clicked.
  • Added: Scripting: Enums from templates are now supported via getProp, the returned value is the technical name of the enum value as string.
  • Added: Supported audio files (wav, mp3) now have an on hover play/stop button for an audio preview in navigator & object picker
  • Added: Modelsheet of supported audio files (wav, mp3) have an waveform control with playback option
  • Added: Bitmap Scaling mode for Location Images can be configured using a command-line switch -location.bitmapscalingmode

articy:draft X - Exports

  • Added: New "Generic Engine" export.
  • Added: All Ruleset based/Engine exports now create multiple (segmented) JSON files included in a single file archive or folder (JSON).
  • Added: All Ruleset based/Engine exports now have the ability to specify if asset files should be included in the export.
  • Added: Engine & XML export now export all existing languages.
  • Added: Export dialog also lists MDK registered custom exports.
  • Added: XML Export now also write a list of available languages and if they are flagged for voice-over.

articy:draft X - Imports

  • Added: Import dialog now also reacts on files handled by MDK registered custom imports, not only for re-imporing the roundtrip.

articy:draft X - MDK / API

Old ad3 plugins need to be recompiled using the nuGet packate ArticyX.MDK Most of the plugins should compile fine after the change and won't need additional changes even if there are quite some additions to the API/MDK layer.

  • Added: Working with Multi-Language Texts. (Text Properties return a new TextProxy object for those properties instead of a simple string)
  • Added: Added framework for integrating own, custom Exports to the Export Dialog and Imports to the Import Wizard from a plugin. The Source code of the packaged Articy.LocaImportExport plugin is available.

articy:server X

You don't need to update an articy:server 3 to the X version even if you want to use the new client configuration options below. It is also possible to use the server with a mixed setup of ad3 and adx projects.

  • Added: Ability to globally disable specific plugins using the "ClientSettings.xml" articy:server configuration file.
  • Added: Ability to globally set DeepL & OpenAI keys using the "ClientSettings.xml" articy:server configuration file.

AI Extensions Plugin

  • Added: AI assisted writing.
    • Select a flow fragment or dialogue for an AI assisted dialogue based on your description.
    • Automatic creation of new entities.
  • Added: AI assisted preview images.
    • AI assisted preview images, based on the object decscription.
  • Added: AI assisted barks.
    • AI assisted barks within a Flow Fragment. The number of barks can be set in the task settings.

articy:draft X Importer for Unity

If you migrate a project from articy:draft 3 please remove the old *.articyu3d file and force a full import

  • Added: Uses the new segmented export file.
  • Added: Smarter detection of changed content.
  • Added: Supports incremental export (included and updated packages from ruleset will be imported and merged with already existing ones).

articy:draft X Importer for Unreal

the articy:draft X only supports Unreal engine 5

  • Added: Uses the new segmented export file.
  • Added: Smarter detection of changed content.
  • Added: Supports incremental export (included and updated packages from ruleset will be imported and merged with already existing ones).
  • Added: Now supports the "Text Extension" feature already present in Unity.
  • Added: Now supports the "Type System" feature already present in Unity.
  • Added: Now supports the "Object Notification" feature already present in Unity.