Assign users to projects

Assigning users to projects MULTI-USER

As a project administrator you have to invite users to a project. By default, a freshly created project is only accessible for the user that created it. This particular user has to manage the project staff. It's possible to assign project admin rights to other users as well so that they can take care of future project administration tasks.

Click the "Edit users in project" entry in the main menu to get to the "project staff" window.

In this window you can populate your project with users and set their rights level.

The list on the left 1 displays all active users with an assigned license (at least "viewer" license) known to the server. The right list 2 shows the current project staff: All users currently assigned to the project. Use the buttons in the middle 3 or double-click an entry to add/remove resources to your project.

You can also set the rights level using the drop-down menu besides user entries 4:

  • Guest: Read-only access to the project
  • Team member: Standard access, user can read and modify project data
  • Admin: Team member rights, plus special admin rights (managing the project staff, opening in exclusive mode, restructuring the project, ...)
If you remove users "on the fly" or change their rights level to "guest" while they are logged on to the project, they will be set to a special rights level until they close the project. They are notified of their removal from the project and set to "guest" level, but they are allowed to publish their changes before they leave the project.

Users with "viewer licenses" are nailed down to "guest" level, their rights level cannot be changed.