Demo projects

Installing demo projects SINGLE-USER

To install the demo projects in the single-user version of articy:draft you just have to click on "Demo projects" 1 in the welcome screen.

This will automatically download the demo content and add it to your project selection 2.

Once you've opened a demo project, it'll behave just like any other project you have created by yourself. Feel free to edit or even delete the project according to your needs.

If you have changed too much, or even deleted a demo project, you can always deinstall the demo projects in the Windows Control Panel and run the demo projects installer again to reset. This will remove all changes made on this project and copies a fresh set of unaltered data to your drive.

Using demo projects in multi-user mode MULTI-USER

While the articy demo projects installer only adds projects for the single-user project selector, you still are able to use those demo projects when working in a multi-user scenario of articy:draft. The "Import project" button of articy:draft's project selector in multi-user mode makes this possible.

See Opening/importing projects for more details.

The demo project installer normally copies the projects to C:\Users\Public\Documents\Articy Software\articy draft X demo projects (Windows 10). When the import wizard asks for the original project file, just open the folder of the desired project and select the contained ProjectInfo.aph.

Once you have imported the demo project, it is just like any other multi-user project you have created or imported by yourself.