Multi-user overview

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"Collaborative working"


articy:draft supports simultaneous collaboration of multiple game writers and designers.

If you create projects on the server, you can access them from within your company network and - if desired - remote via internet connections.

If you choose to host your own server locally on-site no data will be stored outside your own environment. We also offer hosting options for your convenience.

When working in a multi-user environment, articy:draft still has all project files stored locally on it's machine. Files are synced with a repository server via a revision control system like Perforce or Subversion. articy:draft takes care of that "under the hood".

Once a project was opened successfully, a temporary loss of the server connection still allows to continue working, given that partitions of the project have been claimed before the connection loss. However opening a server-based multi-user project without server connection from the beginning is not yet supported.


If you're responsible for the administrative side, we recommend you viewing the following pages:

The Big Picture

The multi-user environment consists of one articy:server and an articy:draft client for each designer working together in the network. Plus, articy:draft triggers repository system commands executed by Perforce or Subversion for file versioning and revision controlling.

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Click the following links to learn more about the components:
The articy:draft client
The articy:server
Repository system (Perforce, Subversion)