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Interview: Samantha Webb

Interview with Samantha Webb, game writer and mentor

Interview: Charles Cecil

Interview with one of the Adventure Games legends, Charles Cecil

Interview: Katharine Neil

Interview with Katharine Neil from AdventureX 2019 on comedy in games

Interview: Dave Gilbert

Interview on game development topics with Dave Gilbert from Wadjet Eye Games

Interview: Valentina Tamer

A very insightful chat on narrative design with Valentina Tamer

Interview: David Fox

A very interesting interview with Games industry legend David Fox.

Interview: Kate Edwards

A very interesting interview with one of the strongest women in the Games industry!

Interview: Simon Boxer, Twice different

A very pleasant chat with Simon Boxer, founder of indie studio Twice different, on the challenges of managing a small studio and a closer look at the upcoming games.

Interview: Robot Gentleman – 60 Parsecs! – Gamescom 2018

At Gamescom in Cologne we finally managed to sit down with Radek from Robot Gentleman to talk about their game 60 Parsecs!

Interview: Playmind – The Inner Friend – Gamescom 2018

Médéric from Playmind was kind enough to sit down with us at a busy Gamescom day and talk to us about what makes The Inner Friend a unique experience.

Interview: Mikolai Stroinski @ Digital Dragons 2018

This is our 2nd interview from this year’s Digital Dragons conference in Poland. Here we spoke to Mikolai Stroinski, best known for his score for Witcher 3.

Interview: Mila Irek @ Digital Dragons 2018

At this year’s Digital Dragons conference in Poland, we were pleased to meet with Mila Irek from MuHa Games.

In-Depth Interview Grimlore Games – SpellForce III

We spoke to Grimlore, the developers of Spellforce III about the development process, what was easy to accomplish and what were some kind of hurdles.

Interview: Ian Thomas & Giles Armstrong, Talespinners

We met a lot of awesome people during Gamescom 2017 in Cologne. Among them were Ian Thomas and Giles Armstrong from Talespinners.

Interview: Chris Payne, Quantum Soup Studios

We met Chris Payne from Quantum Soup Studios during Gamescom 2017 and he kindly talked to us about what films and games have in common, and the excitement and challenges of starting up your own studio.

Interview: Prof. Dr. Linda Breitlauch, Hochschule Trier

At Gamescom 2017 we sat down with Linda Breitlauch, media scientist and professor for Games-Design at Hochschule Trier.

Interview: Justin French from Dream Harvest

We met Justin French from Dream Harvest at the Develop conference in Brighton this year.

Interview: Nicolas Samuel, SureAI: “While ambition is good, overambition can kill a project”

This is the second part of the chat we’ve had with Nicolas Samuel, Project Lead at SureAI.

Interview: Nicolas Samuel, SureAI: “Communication is the key”

This time we are not so much focused on how SureAI used articy:draft in their development process. Instead, we asked Nicolas Samuel, Project Lead at SureAI, about some of the difficulties modding a game in such a complex way SureAI did with Enderal.