Structuring locations

Working on locations with a lot of objects and details can lead to a loss of clarity. The following features provide means to structure your location sketches in a way that helps to keep a good overview.
Since update 2.1. you can group location objects in folders 1 and every zone, path, spot and link is on an individual layer that can be set to visible/invisible 2 or locked/editable 3. Furthermore the order of layers in the navigator reflects the object's z-order within the location editor (the topmost element in the navigator is in front of all other elements in the location editor).

Layer folders in Locations

To structure your zones, paths, spots and links you can group them in layer folders. While working within a location, the Navigator toolbar offers a button to create a new layer folder 4.

If the location itself is selected while creating a folder, the folder is created as topmost element in the location. If zones, paths, spots or links are selected, the folder is created right above the topmost selected element.

To create objects within a folder, simply select the folder in the Navigator and then create a zone, path, spot or link as usual within the location editor. Already created objects can be moved into a folder via drag & drop, see next paragraph.
Selecting a folder automatically selects all contained elements.

Reordering of Objects within the Navigator

Just like in other drawing tools (e.g. Photoshop) the order of elements in the navigator reflects the z-order of elements in the location editor - e.g. if a zone should be visible but is overlapped by other elements, you can select it in the navigator and move it up in the list.

Notice that you can select multiple zones, paths, spots or links via Ctrl + Left click or Shift + Left click:

While dragging elements within the navigator, a line indicates where they can be dropped:

It's also possible to move elements into a collapsed folder:


You can hide one or more objects to focus better on specific aspects of your location. To hide/ show objects click on the "eye"-icon on the left of elements in the navigator 5. When a folder is set to invisible all its contained objects are hidden, thus you can hide/show whole groups of objects with just a single click.

Folder = visible:

Folder = hidden:

Locking to Prevent Selection

While working in locations with elements that overlap each other, it can be useful to prevent certain objects from being accidentally selected. Individual objects or complete folders can be locked by hovering over the space between the "visibility"-icon and the "object type"-icon and clicking on the appearing "lock"-icon 6.