You can freely transform most location objects to change their size and rotation. You can enter the transformation mode via the left-most button in the selection toolbar or by selecting the object(s) and pressing CTRL + T.

How to transform objects

When one or more objects are in transform mode a bounding box with several handles along its edges is displayed. If you move the mouse cursor over one of these handles 1, you can resize the object(s) by holding down the left mouse button and dragging in the desired direction.

If you want to keep the object's aspect ratio, hold down SHIFT while resizing.

To rotate object(s) move the mouse cursor slightly outside of the bounding box 2. By holding down the left mouse button you can rotate the object(s) around the pivot 3. By default the pivot is in the center, but you can move it around freely.

Toolbar: Position and Size

While in transform mode you can also use the selection toolbar to precisely define an object's position and size. The toolbar lets you enter values for the X- 4 and Y- 5 coordinates as well as for width 6 and height 8. If you want to change the object's width or height while keeping its aspect ratio use the lock button 7.

Toolbar: Rotate and Mirror

During a transformation the toolbar also offers the possibility to rotate the object by a specific value 9. If you moved the pivot you can use the "reset pivot"-button 10 to bring it back to the center.

Furthermore you can mirror the object(s) either horizontally 11 or vertically 12.

Axis-aligned or object-aligned transformation

While being in transformation mode you can choose between an axis-aligned 13 or an object-aligned 14 bounding box. You can switch between the two modes at any time.